Seath Holswich: “Adani not worth the Risk” says former Assistant Mine Minister

Former Newman Government Assistant Mines Minister and now Independent Candidate for Pine Rivers, Mr Seath Holswich, has renewed his call for the State and Federal Governments to withdraw their support of the Adani Carmichael Mine.


Following on from revelations in last night’s Four Corners story, Mr Holswich is calling for government support of the Adani mine to be withdrawn.


“The Adani proposal exposes Queensland to serious long term risks for the sake of questionable short term benefits.”


“Premier Palaszczuk continues to spruik her “jobs, jobs, jobs” mantra about this project, but we need to ask at what cost?”


“We cannot risk the Great Barrier Reef and Australia’s underground water supply for a short term jobs fix.”


“Proceeding with the Adani Carmichael Mine is simply not worth the risk.”


“Even if only half the allegations aired in last night’s Four Corners are found to be correct, this raises serious concerns over the long term benefit of this mine for Queensland’s future.”


“If the State and Federal Governments truly have no concerns about this project, then they are either delusional or gullible.”


“Our long term water supply, and the preservation of the Great Barrier Reef should be more important than promising jobs in the name of political expediency.”


“North Queensland desperately needs an economic injection and more jobs, but this particular option is fraught with danger.”


“If I am elected at the upcoming State Election, I will do everything within my power to oppose and stop this mine proceeding.”



Detailed statement of Mr Holswich’s position:

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