Queensland Election 2017 a look back on week 1

Sunday Morning the 29th of October 2017 Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk went to government house and requested writs to hold an election for November 25.

This following the two extraordinary triggers one being the health of the former Agriculture Minister The Hon. Bill Byrne and his resignation on October 7 and the other being the dis-endorsement of Pumicestone MP Rick Williams on Friday 27th October.

A week is a long time in politics with many events along the way pivotal, or in some cases steady as you go, towards the outcome and others long forgotten.

Once the election was called, all the focus was on one of the most marginal seats at 0.1% notionally favouring the LNP after redistribution, the Pumicestone Electorate with media crews scrambling in Brisbane,  Caboolture and Bribie Island.

With the blame game focused squarely on two, the Premier vs the newly dumped incumbent gaining the media attention with how much affect this will have on the election only the future can determine.

It was not until late Sunday that Queensland Labor announced a replacement candidate in Pumicestone revealed as Michael Hoogwaerts, a former Bribie Island High School teacher

The flurry of election material, press releases, media engagements and the spot light didn't really hit the state until Monday.

Once 24 hours expired, among the issues that became headlines Monday include :

Predictable warnings from the LNP and Labor against voting for minor party.

Adani was in the news with revelations that Councils in North Queensland had agreed to pay for the $30 Million air strip for Adani Fly In Fly Out workers.

The Cross River Rail was always an election issue for Labor.

LNP calls for Payroll tax exemptions for small business.

Finally both major party's say no deal with One Nation.

Tuesday; insults and scare tactics rise on the polls showing success for One Nation in this election as the major parties begin to jostle for position, Malcolm Roberts gains attention for Ipswich, One Nation eyes balance of power in the next parliament. For the LNP it was a cheap start to the hustings mostly in South East Queensland due to lack of funds and Labor offers cash to hire the unemployed. Finally Adani protests did not let up

Hump Day Wednesday; Billy Gordon says he wont run and quits politics.

Blunders on the state of the finances in Queensland  for Tim Nicholls struggling to explain how an LNP government would reduce debt and Annastacia Palaszczuk when she could not explain how much Labor had reduced debt, which was projected to reach $81 billion by 2021.

LNP pledges rail duplication for the Sunshine Coast.

One Nation acknowledges it was caught out with the call of the election and failed to field candidates in all electorates.

The Greens announced a $1 flat fare for public transport.

Queensland Energy Minister Mark Bailey has denied covering up a report that outlines the benefits of building a coal-fired power station in north Queensland.

Bravehearts founder Hetty Johnston to run as independent.

Finally One Nation still dominates as 3rd party.

Thursday had plenty happening and far reaching with some meat and potatoes in the mix:

Starting in the new seat of Bancroft the LNP ramps up crime with a call for Police Beat to be placed at Westfield Shopping centres.

Fair Go for Our Kids campaign first win $180m dollar pledge by Labor.

conspiracy theories by the two major parties over asset sales, jobs and health.

A facebook poll shows Adani tops the discussion topics.

Labor showcases millions to train the jobless while the LNP blocks the release of details of political donation breaches and promises a youth curfew welfare freeze in Townsville.

Finally Moreton Bay Regional Council Mayor Allan Sutherland has revealed his state election wish list which includes :

New state high school that specialises in Science Technology Engineering and Maths (STEM).

Upgrade of the Petrie roundabout.

Carparking solutions across the region.

Funding for tourism, business development and events in the region.

Ongoing sport and recreation upgrades.

Friday explodes with secret phone recordings between Independent (then Labor Member for Pumicestone) Rick Williams released between him and the Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk as quickly as it exploded it wasn't long before other issues gained traction and dominated.

Adani Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk withdraws Government involvement in mine funding following conflict of interest allegations and a smear campaign.

Premier accuses Tim Nicholls of stealing Labors dam plan with More damns proposed to sustain water demand.

Its been revealed the LNP gets a campaign funding boost from a Private energy tycoon.

The Greens woo voters with four new public holidays.

Premier Palaszczuk catches locals off guard in Bundaberg CBD walk.

Now its Saturday and it's a long time since Sunday with LNP pushes Queensland Government to duplicate M1 but wont promise to do the same, Labor pledges children s health and diabetes.

A poll shows just how much One Nation has already impacted on this state election as Pauline Hanson jets into the Queensland campaign Sunday night poised to handpick the state’s next premier after the November 25, election as disenchanted voters spurn major parties.

The Tim Nicholls-led LNP has not resonated with the state and recording a sharp fall, while Labor’s vote has flatlined, with Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk unable to command the vote she received at the 2015 election.

Here is the fact One in three Queenslanders would back minor parties or Independents, greater than the total vote being mustered by the LNP and closing in on Labor’s support.

This result indicates neither of the major parties will be able to secure a majority and Queensland is careering towards another hung Parliament with One Nation likely to snare a swag of seats.

A week is a long time in politics and we still have 3 to go, that focus on Pumicestone really has not changed, with the question just what will those on Pumicestone do with their vote, this the most marginal seat in the state, now fragmented by a new Labor Candidate vs the dumped member plus a fresh enthusiastic LNP candidate and the unknown factor of One Nation, Pumicestone could be just the indicator the rest of the state to follow.

In three weeks leading up to November 25 the leaders of the parties in Queensland politics not only have portray to govern like they really want to make a difference, but to also resonate with the voters in an atmosphere, where the voters are frustrated with the history of politicians.

In recent years of revolving door elections, with the politics being centered on a term rather then far beyond that for the future of Queensland, so for the voter, they might just give a minor party a go, in hopes it can deliver where the majors won't or can't.

For the most part voters by now will have already made their mind up, why ? because Christmas is not far away with planning for holidays with loved ones taking priority and for most they already know who they are voting for, its time for the election result to catch up with voter sentiment

It may very well be easy, to say now, at the start of the election neither of the major parties, state they won't commit to any deals with One Nation but on the night of November 25 one of them may have to.

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