Greens: This election is a chance to fight back against big corporations

“Queenslanders have lost faith in politics. Many of us feel that the entire political system is corrupted by property developers and big corporations, and nothing will ever change,” says Amy MacMahon, Candidate for South Brisbane.


“It doesn’t have to be like this - you can make that change. This election, Queenslanders have an historic opportunity to elect Queensland’s first ever Greens state members of parliament.”


We don’t need to rely on a dodgy mining corporation like Adani to create jobs and a good life for all Queenslanders.


“The Greens are the only party in this election who refuse corporate donations, which means if elected, Green MPs will always put Queenslanders first.”


“This election it’s time to crack parliament open, let the sun shine in and create a new type politics, one of compassion and purpose, to create a future for all of us.


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