Tech-savvy kids generate electrical safety program

Electricity safety will be at the forefront of most Queensland school student’s minds this week as teachers along with Ergon Energy and Energex staff begin promoting being safe around power.

More than 95 per cent of Queensland primary schools have adopted the Safety Heroes electrical safety program to highlight the risks electricity poses and how to avoid associated injuries.

Energy Queensland CEO David Smales said nowadays gaming consoles, computers, and hand held devices are common place in our homes and most often used by children.

“This also means the youngsters of today have a more exposure to electricity than previous generations leaving them susceptible to its dangers and risks,” he said.

“Therefore, it’s our role as adults to ensure children are well aware of the risks associated with using electricity as well as the dangers of being around infrastructure that powers our lifestyles.”

Dozens of Ergon Energy and Energex staff and hundreds of school teachers will be out and about this week promoting the Safety Heroes program during which students will learn how to be safe around electricity in the home as well as around the high voltage network Queensland’s streets.

Mr Smales said he was proud of the efforts of his staff and teachers for running with the electrical safety program which coincides with Electricity Safety Week between 4 and 8 September.

“Safety is the number one value of Energy Queensland and our Ergon Energy and Energex group of companies and it makes me proud that our team members have connected with schools around the State to ensure youngsters understand that, while power makes our lives easier, they should also have a healthy respect of its risks when used incorrectly.”

More information about Safety Heroes can be found here: (Regional Qld) (South East Queensland)

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