Leading business coach on a mission to help couples living and working together

Leading business management coach, Julie Richman is calling on couples to contribute to her current project: the modern-day blueprint for all couples living and working together in business – and she is dangling a carrot to encourage participants.

As a reward for their efforts, Ms Richman is offering all South-East Queensland participants a complimentary hosted workplace morning tea.

Launched in 2006, Ms Richman's company Effective Solutions in Business was born from a deep desire to support business owners with knowledge, skills and information that is relevant to their business. 

With more than 21 years experience in the business world, including a degree in Business and Commerce, Ms Richman combines both formal qualifications and real-life experience.

The Effective Solutions in Business founder is ready to tell her story of the struggles she experienced first-hand being part of a couple who lived and worked together, and provide guidance to those who may be experiencing similar challenges. 

“In 2000, my first business and marriage failure almost killed me,” said Ms Richman.

“I was left emotionally exhausted, mentally burnt-out and financially destitute. I knew there had to be a better way.

“Now, I am living proof, there is a better way to live, and work together in business.”

Effective Solutions in Business supports both the communication, commitment and collaboration of working together in business to help couples regain balance, perspective and focus around their chosen journey.

“The mission is for couples to recognise shared core values, so they may find greater ways to relate to each other, and identify greater connection within themselves,” said Ms Richman.

“Owning a business is hard enough, without two people, pulling in a different directions. Having couples who can work harmoniously together, has proven some amazing results for them, both in business and in love.

“When two people put their hearts and minds together, they can achieve amazing things.”

Combining both interpersonal communication and emotional intelligence skills with effective and efficient business strategies, couples can maximise their combined efforts within their business to grow, develop and secure their investment between each other, and a highly-profitable business as a separate entity.

“The main focus is to bring about understanding and perspective, which reduces conflict between couples, laying foundations for teamwork through communication, boundaries, and structured guidelines,” said Ms Richman.

“Teaching mindful awareness of the causes behind conflict, the Effective Solutions in Business workshops are designed to encourage participants to openly discuss the challenges they are facing, so that mediated solutions can forge stronger commitments and collaboration for the greater good, being the relationship and the business survival.

“Effective Solutions in Business creates opportunities for couples in business to not only be a great team by day, but get 'Date Night' back again!”

In order to deliver a strong manual, Ms Richman is on the hunt for couples in life and in business, both new and seasoned, to participate in a short survey.

Every couple who completes the survey will receive a free copy of Ms Richman's yet-to-be-titled book once released in early 2018, in addition to the chance to win an Italian-made Cecilia Single Group coffee machine valued at $3000, compliments of locally-owned family business, Red Cup Coffee: www.redcupcoffee.com.au.

The survey can be found at this link: https://www.effectivesolutions.com.au/survey-for-couples

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