Woodford Folk Festival Record breaking crowds put strain on roads and infrastructure

The 31st Woodford Folk Festival closed in spectacular fashion last night, however record crowds are causing organisers to ponder the festival’s future. Audience growth in excess of 5%, and an aggregate number of 132,000 patrons over six days, have put pressure on Woodfordia’s hard infrastructure. 

According to Festival Director, Bill Hauritz, “It has been a most beautiful festival in almost every way but our future is unclear.”

“Raw water storage, and dusty and broken roads took the edge off what was a truly wonderful event,” said Hauritz.

“Dust was a big problem we have to fix, and the roads – they’re just not up to required standards. That’s just the beginning of our infrastructure issues,” he said.

“But it’s been an amazing event this year,” said Hauritz, “This festival is becoming a hub for creativity attracting some great minds. It's been an inspiration for many of us.”

“This festival attracts over 2000 diverse artists and performers, as well as prominent speakers and creative projects.”


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