Priority for Everton Hills fauna bridges

The next stage of Moreton Bay Regional Council’s green infrastructure initiative is underway with council fast tracking construction of two new fauna rope bridges at Everton Hills.


Division 10 Councillor Matt Constance said the bridges would be installed over Collins Road, Everton Hills and give native wildlife safer access between Bunyaville Conservation Park and the Cabbage Tree Creek Habitat Corridor.


“The bridges work by mimicking the natural settings tree-dwelling wildlife use to travel between ecosystems,” Cr Constance said.


“Unlike koalas who travel along the ground, animals like possums, sugar gliders and even goannas prefer to travel along canopies. These new rope bridges allow them to move as they would from tree to tree and access Bunyaville Conservation Park without having to cross the road.


“Not only does it mean sugar gliders and possums will be able to safely cross between environmental reserves and corridors, it also greatly reduces the risk of drivers accidentally colliding with native wildlife.


Cr Constance said the bridges would complement council’s existing green infrastructure initiatives, which already include fauna underpasses, wildlife protection fencing, nest boxes and ongoing monitoring of wildlife areas.


“The region’s first bridge at Brendale has already proven a huge success in reducing wildlife-vehicle collisions, which is why council is keen to fast track the installation of two new bridges at Everton Hills.


“Once complete, it will link Bunyaville Conservation Park with the Moreton Bay Region’s greater 1,700ha environmental reserve and corridor network.”


Cr Constance said the bridges would be installed in coming weeks.

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