Hinterland Harvest Market starts this weekend


If you “can’t get no satisfaction” in your weekly food supplies then you haven’t heard of the Hinterland Harvest Market. Kicking off every Saturday from this weekend, September 17, it will be your one-stop weekly shop for everything fruity, fresh, seasonal and even educational about the products.

Above photo illustrates Hannah is surrounded by berries with her Dad being the regional manager of his family’s Iventure Orchards. Photo by Deby Halloran

Market Owner and Manager Helen Langlois has cast her net wide, hand-picking food stalls of the freshest growers and farmers to present a diverse range of products for as complete a shopping experience as possible.

Helen says, “You’ll be spoilt for choice with berries year round, the best and finest orchard fruit and of course ‘avos’ are coming up to the end of season so we need to educate people about the product so they know that this market is all about what’s scrumptiously in season.

I have been extremely selective with every stall to attract the likes of Iventure Orchards to bring amazing unwaxed apples, ripe stonefruit, chemical free summer berries, vegetables and more”.

Hinterland Harvest Market is presenting the first of a series of food stories by highlighting different producers and stall holders who have incredible product knowledge and has invited Iventure Orchards’ local manager and family member, Cliff Halloran, as the first stall holder to share his thoughts.

A long-term supporter of Helen’s markets, Cliff says, “I've always thought that part of the role of farmers markets was to educate consumers on seasonality and when and where food is produced. Queensland is a remarkable state for food production.

It is the only state that grows every single crop that is able to be produced anywhere in Australia and at the same time as it is produced elsewhere in the country due to the range of climates, altitudes and latitudes”.

Cliff elaborates, “The apples are from my family’s orchards in Stanthorpe on the Granite Belt, being the closest place that can produce what we grow, when we grow it.

There is no other location in Queensland with the same cold climate. Crops like these as well as pears, plums, apricots and cherries simply don't grow commercially anywhere closer because they can't.

While there is some (removed word other) early stone fruit (peaches and nectarines) grown in the Mary Valley, we come in later and produce later… and our varieties are the true high chill full flavoured varieties, not modified low chill varieties.

Other crops such as our summer vegetables and berries are grown
in the opposite season to the coastal producers so we are complementary to the coastal region with our completely different climate, allowing market-goers to access the most local and freshest produce regardless of the time of year.

You can’t buy an apple on the Sunshine Coast that is produced more locally than the Northern Granite Belt”.

Helen chimes in, “That’s right, we are providing the lowest food mile for the type of produce while still able to supply you with strawberries in summer here at the Hinterland Harvest Market”.

Hinterland Harvest Market, A Feast of Fresh Flavours, Every Saturday 6am - 11am, starting September 17, Suncoast Church carpark, where there’s ample parking, Kiel Mountain Rd, Woombye Sunshine Coast. Contact, Helen Langlois 0416 217 093.

Find Hinterland Harvest Market on Facebook #hinterlandharvestmarket www.hinterlandharvestmarket.com.au

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