The Caboolture Showgrounds at risk of losing major events, if it does not get up to standard

Discussions have occurred over the last few weeks seriously questioning to the ability for the Caboolture Showgrounds to meet the demands placed on it for major events.

Infrastructure, drainage and traffic management have been cited as central themes critical of Caboolture Showgrounds being the ongoing venue for events, such as Farm Fantastic.

Future events such as Farm Fantastic could be at risk of going elsewhere, with Josh from the Caboolture Herald the first to hint that Farm Fantastic may look to alternative venues  other then the Caboolture Showgrounds.

During Morning Magazine Today with Rosemary Worthington and the President of the Board Craig Hewlett 101.5 FM appeared live on air to bring the issue open,  with Mr Hewlett iterating that 101.5 FM had covered the Farm Fantastic 2016 Event at the Cabolture Showgrounds.

It was revealed during the segment on air that discussions between Mr Hewlett and new owner of the Farm Fantastic Events Australia's Mr Bob Carroll which also runs other events such as the Beef expo in Rockhamption and The Flower Expo in Toowoomba among others.

Mr Carroll expressed concerns at traffic, drainage and parking and described the showgrounds as a hard place to organise events.

Mr Carroll in discussing the matter with Mr Hewlett, It's suggested that there was a real chance, unless things are not fixed at the showgrounds that  it may be forced to find an alternative venue 

This discussion went on to get other like minded people with a passion to keep Farm Fantastic in the Caboolture Calendar of events and  to meet and work out the problems and hopefully formulate solutions.

It was revealed that there is a Moreton Bay Regional Council initiated strategic plan for the Caboolture Showgrounds although the contents of that strategic plan have yet to be made public and no one at that meeting have any idea of the plans details.

The parking issue is one aspect that was never considered according the Mr Hewlett and those at the meeting, when QSEC was created it was never modified to take in the additional 5,000 seat indoor arena when car parking could only allow for 120 cars.

During wet weather the drainage system, drains well from the QSEC parcel but ends up in the Showgrounds parcel and then goes no where.

Caboolture is well known for its fairly high water table, and when there are summer storms with torrential downpours then the existing drainage systems is simply unable to cope, all if this could be reasonably fixed so it meets the demands of the 21st century.

In consensus what needs to happen from the Historical Village ,QSEC and the Showgrounds the drainage systems needs to be looked at and redone correctly to fix the mistakes and make the system adequate.

Events like Farm Fantastic in the debrief, it was revealed these events put so much money back in to community, with 78% of the exhibitors were from the Moreton Bay Region, with many of them doing well from that event.

Farm Fantastic has its place in the community as a great event.

Other events like the Urban Country Music Festival which also met its last run this year have had similar issues.

The Caboolture Showgrounds should be the jewel in the crown as a premier venue for events .






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