Koalas need another 10,000 gum trees in south-east Queensland, vet says

Thousands more gum trees need to be planted to feed a growing number of sick koalas, the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital says.

About 15,000 eucalyptus trees have just been planted at Hinze Dam in the Gold Coast hinterland to feed koalas, but senior veterinarian Michael Pyne said at least 10,000 more were needed.

There are plans for better habitat management and tree planting to happen in the Moreton Bay Region in the future.

He said disease was contributing to a spike in hospital admissions and finding enough food was proving a challenge.

"You've got one nasty killer bacterial infection in chlamydia and then you've got a really nasty viral disease that suppresses the immune system so together of course it's a nasty combination," Dr Pyne said.

"Caring for the koala in the hospital is really only part of the story. Feeding them is where the big issues come.

"It's not easy finding the gum leaves that they like sick koalas are very fussy so we really need the pick of the best."

Dr Pyne said the number of koalas admitted to the sanctuary was expected to surpass 300 this year.

"The number of koalas coming in to our hospital goes up year after year," he said.

Source: ABC News

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