Farm Fantastic 2016: Declare war on aquatic weeds

A Sunshine Coast couple’s frustrations in cleaning their own dam has led to a sizeable investment and the creation of an aquatic weed removal business.

In a Queensland first, Adam and Michelle Farr will have their Truxor 5045 amphibious weed-busting machine on public display for the first time at Farm Fantastic, at Caboolture Showgrounds, next month.

The couple, based at Palmwoods, has operated as Adam Farr Roof Plumber Pty for the past 25 years and saw the need to diversify from personal experience.

The time-consuming use of pool nets in their dam has been replaced by the Truxor amphibian.

And their sister-in-law and her husband Laurie and Adam Sale bought an excavator – completing the essential equipment package for Farr Environmental Services to start work.

The Truxor cuts and collects aquatic weed and reed growth, dredges and excavates in dams, lakes, canals, wetlands and sensitive areas normally inaccessible to conventional machines.

Farr Environmental Services is declaring war on weeds including water hyacinth and salvinia.

 It’s been on the job working from Gympie to the New South Wales border.

 A smaller version of the Truxor machine was bought by Fraser Coast Regional Council and is clearing Maryborough’s drinking reservoirs.

Mr Farr said it was his frustrations with the roofing business that prompted the move into environmental services.

People can spend up to $40,000, he said, without flinching on all the mod cons to show off in a new kitchen.

“Rarely does anyone voluntarily spend that on their roof until it fails.

“People are certainly more conscious about their dams,” Mr Farr said.

And that is what the family is banking on.

More than 240 exhibitors are booked for the Farm Fantastic Expo.

Destination Food, sponsored by Long Yard Beef,

Farm Fantastic will be held at Caboolture Showgrounds, Caboolture, on July 22-24.

It’s open Friday and Saturday 9am - 5pm and Sunday 9am – 4pm.

Costs are $10 for adults, $8 for Aged Seniors card holders and children with an adult are free.

For more details about the expo, parking and bus options go to the website

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