Queensland weather: MBRC says we are ready as residents warned to prepare for damaging storms, flash flooding

Queenslanders are being urged to prepare for damaging storms and flash flooding this weekend, with the heaviest rainfall expected on Sunday.

Moreton Bay Regional Council Mayor Alan Sutherland said he did not want any public foolishness when the flooding happened.

"Keep the kids inside, don't go out and play in those drains. We didn't have loss of life injuries in the last event, let's hope we keep it that way," he said.

"Mum and dad, keep the kids inside, if it is really going to come down like they say on Sunday, no playing in the drains and creeks because that water backs up in the catchment and then all of a sudden it lets go."

Cr Sutherland said Moreton Bay was in a position to handle extreme flooding.

"Our Moreton alert system is ready to be activated as soon as we know we have got our sandbag stations ready to go," he said.

"We have been very fortunate. We are pretty used to this, we are ready to rock and roll ,we get a lot of warning."

The downpours and storms are forecast to strike areas between Townsville in the state's north to the NSW border, but the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) said a dangerous east coast low would miss Queensland.

The BoM said southern and central Queensland could face widespread rainfall totals of 50-80 millimetres, with isolated totals in excess of 100 millimetres possible.

"Even for this time of year, it's quite unsual," senior forecaster Michael Knepp said.

Cr Sutherland said his council workers were ready to tackle the weather.

"The biggest threat we would have from Sunday is if a storm event occurred and the storm stayed stationary," he said.

"When you get those torrential downpours over a sustained period, that's when those creeks overflow and can cause habitable floor areas to be flooded."

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