Queensland fine dodgers will have car wheels clamped in SPER debt crackdown

Queenslanders who rack up fines with the State Government and refuse to pay will have their wheels clamped, with the threat of the sale of their vehicle.

Treasurer Curtis Pitt said debtors were thumbing their nose at the recovery efforts by the State Penalties Enforcement Registry (SPER) and incurring more fines.

Fifty debtors have 4,785 unpaid fines, worth $1.6 million.

Debt pool growth:

2005: $331,771,025

2006: $378,009,216

2007: $431,360,691

2008: $489,402,716

2009: $540,765,002

2010: $596,661,548

2011: $680,463,508

2012: $760,910,829

2013: $774,703,548

2014: $841,924,943

2015: $999,223,896

In total, SPER is owed $1.14 billion.

Mr Pitt said the first group of habitual offenders, whose vehicles are slated for wheel clamping, owe more than $5,000 each, largely from tolling, speeding and parking offences.

Their cars would firstly be immobilised, and then seized or sold if they continued to refuse to pay.

"The message is simple. If you haven't paid your fine, pay it now," Mr Pitt said.

"This is money that's owed to all Queenslanders."

SPER enforcement officers will initially roll out the targeted wheel clamping campaign in south-east Queensland before expanding it statewide.

Alternatives such as community service orders will be offered to those in genuine hardship and unable to pay.

Source: ABC News

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