Uber law amended to avoid making limousines, charter buses illegal in Queensland

A new law that inadvertently risked making limousines and charter buses illegal in Queensland has been amended in State Parliament.

A Katter's Australian Party private member's bill targeting Uber and other similar paid ridesharing services was passed on Wednesday night with LNP support.

The State Government did not support the move, arguing an inquiry into ridesharing services was still underway and due to hand down its findings in August.

The new law imposes significantly higher penalties on Uber drivers and the administrators of illegal taxi services.

But Transport Minister Stirling Hinchliffe said on Thursday it could also have made other pre-booked passenger services illegal if they did not hold a taxi licence.

Comcar fleet also at risk: Hinchliffe

He said it could also have affected the Queensland operations of the Comcar fleet used by federal MPs.

But Mr Hinchliffe said Parliament rectified the mistake on Thursday night.

"It must be of concern for our federal colleagues that Comcars would be deemed illegal in Queensland because of the LNP," he said.

"I'm sure Prime Minister Turnbull would not appreciate being booked while on the hustings in the next few weeks."

Drivers for Uber and other ridesharing services, currently illegal in Queensland, now face fines of up to $2,356.

Administrators of illegal taxi services could be penalised up to $23,560.

The new bill would not prevent the State Government from legalising ridesharing later this year after the review is handed down.

Source: ABC News

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