COAG: 'We've got to do more' on family violence: Palaszczuk

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said leaders "could not dance around" the cuts made by the former Abbott government in 2014, but agreed the hospital funding agreement was significant.

"Whilst an agreement today is a positive, there's no getting away from or getting around or politely explaining away the fact that many billions of dollars will not be flowing to hospitals in my state and hospitals right across the nation as a result of decisions made in the 2014 budget," he said.

But Mr Andrews did praise the work done on domestic and family violence, labelling today's meeting as "productive".

Leaders agreed to hold a national domestic violence summit in Brisbane in October.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk welcomed the agreement, citing the case of a woman killed overnight in her home state.

"This has got to stop," she said.

"Women are still getting murdered and killed behind closed doors in all different sections of our community. And we've got to do more."

Source: ABC News

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