Andrew Powell MP, is passionate about his desire to see fixed four year Parliamentary terms introduced in Queensland

Voting is compulsory in the State of Queensland, on March 19 concurrent to Local Council Elections will be a State Referendum on the question should we adopt fixed 4 year terms for State Parliament or not

State Member for Glasshouse Andrew Powell  supports the 'Yes' campaign and gives his reasons.


  • On March 19, at the same time you vote in the Local Government Election, Queenslanders will be asked to decide whether the term of our State Parliament should be changed from an unfixed, three-year term to a fixed, four-year term.


  • I believe  they will provide far greater certainty for Queenslanders and take away any political opportunism that can play a part in government decisions on election timing.


  • Fixed Four Year Terms will lessen the impact that elections can have on the day to day running of businesses and people’s personal lives; whether it be planning holidays around an election or simply deciding how to place your vote.


  • Fixed terms will also remove the constant election date speculation from our political process and provide the certainty and confidence to business that we know drives investment and job creation in our region.


  • Voting yes will mean the voters of Southern Downs and right across Queensland will know exactly when an election will be held and can plan accordingly.


  • Fixed terms will deliver better government and policy making for all Queenslanders as decisions will be made in the interest of better outcomes and improved services for the community, rather than for short term political gain.

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