Moreton Bay Regional New Library Mobile launch Soon

A new, 21st century mobile library will be hitting the rural and urban roads of the Moreton Bay Region in mid-2016.


Mayor Allan Sutherland said Moreton Bay Regional Council had awarded a $574,109 tender for the fit-out and delivery of the new mobile library on a dual axle Isuzu truck chassis.  


“The new air conditioned vehicle will replace the existing Moreton Bay Region mobile library which has been in service for more than two decades,” Mayor Sutherland said.


“It will deliver a better mobile library experience with additional computers, a big screen TV, easier access for wheelchair users and more interior space to accommodate 6,500 loan items including books, magazines and DVDs.


“The new mobile library will be 1.5 metres longer than its predecessor and, once parked, the truck’s specially fitted side pod extends the library’s internal width to six metres to rival the size of most suburban living rooms.


Council’s new, 10 wheeled mobile library will be powered by an eight litre, six cylinder, 221kW engine and an automatic transmission.  


“It’s a an extremely competitively priced tender for a custom-built vehicle - you just can’t turn up to a showroom to buy one - and is part of council’s commitment to delivering high quality library services to local residents regardless of where they live in the Moreton Bay Region.” 


Mayor Sutherland said over the last twenty years the region’s existing mobile library vehicle had clocked up the equivalent of more than 110 road trips to Mackay in North Queensland and back.


“The mobile unit has done an exceptional job in assisting council to build our region’s library services in one of Australia’s fasting growing areas,” Mayor Sutherland said.  


Areas currently serviced by the Moreton Bay Region’s mobile library can be found on council’s website by typing “mobile library” into the search box.  

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