Moreton Bay region goes to polls on March 19 - six candidates vie for mayor, while 40 contenders across 12 divisions

At the March 19 elections for Moreton Bay Regional Council, six candidates will run for Mayor and 40 will contest 12 Divisions.

To be technically exact, 39 candidates will enter the divisional fray on March 19 as incumbent Division 12 Councillor Adrian Raedel will be returned unopposed.

The positions on the ballot papers were drawn this morning. Results were mixed for incumbent councillors.

Peter Flannery (Division 2) and Mike Charlton (Division 9) were the only incumbents to draw the prized top spots on the ballot paper.

Former Redcliffe Mayor, last in office in 1997, Barry Bolton, 79, of Clontarf, drew the top of the mayoral ballot.

“That’s a bit of a start,” Mr Bolton said. “I’ll keep going now.”

Nearly all are running as independents though the Greens have endorsed Tony Longland for Division 1 and Michael Berkman (Division 10). Mr Birkman is the endorsed candidate for The Greens in the Federal seat of Dickson.

The group Your Community First has five candidates.

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Barry Bolton

Jason Woodforth

Allan Sutherland

Dean Teasdale

Shayne Hogan

John McNaught

Division 1

Dan Clancy

Tony Longland (The Greens)

Paul Whyte

Brooke Savige

Roz Vicenzino

Jason Snow

Division 2

Peter Flannery

Jesse Kelly

Rodney Hanson (Your Community First)

Division 3

Brandt King

Craig Hewlett

Adam Hain

Kymberly James

Jamie Fry

Division 4


Samuel Gunsser

Julie Greer

Brent Bravo (Your Community First)

Division 5

Arn Pritchard (Your Community First)

Simon Gregory

James Houghton

Division 6

Karen Haddock (Your Community First)

Koliana Winchester

Division 7

Jason Kennedy

Denise Sims

Belinda Norrie

Steve O’Shannessy

Talosaga McMahon

Division 8

Sue Laird

Chris Kelly

Mick Gillam

Division 9

Mike Charlton

Elizabeth Dallaston

Division 10

Matt Constance

Geoff McKay (Your Community First)

Kegan Scherf

Michael Berkman (The Greens)

Division 11

Darren Grimwade

Gus Padilha

Paul Smith

Division 12

Adrian Raedel

Source: Courier-Mail

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