Council Elections Queensland Electoral Commission rules

With the issuing of the writs, candidates can now lodge their intention to stand in the election with the Electoral Commission of Queensland (ECQ).

Candidates must be Australian citizens, at least 18 years old and be enrolled on the Queensland Electoral roll.

ECQ spokeswoman Yvette Zischke said there are other requirements and circumstances which would disqualify candidates from the race.

"I encourage those people to log on to our website and ensure that their candidacy will be valid," she said.

Local Government campaigns are funded by candidates themselves or by donations from interested parties and they must operate a dedicated campaign account.

"All candidates are required to lodge a disclosure return, detailing the financial activity with the commission after the election period," Ms Zischke said.

However it is up to the candidates themselves whether they disclose any political party affiliation during the campaign.

"What we find is that generally if candidates and political parties are affiliated that will come out through their election material," she said.

Pre-polling begins on Monday March 7, with polling day on Sunday March 19.

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