Where the big supermarket chains stand on genetically modified foods in Australia

Find out where the major Australian supermarket and food supply chains stand on genetically modified foods according to their official statements.


"No Coles brand food or drink products contain GM ingredients.

"Coles supports clear labelling of all food and drink products. Current standards in Australia require that any genetically modified foods, ingredients, additives, or processing aids that contain novel DNA or protein must be labelled with the words 'genetically modified'."


"We ensure our Macro organic meat range is from animals which have been fed on certified non-GM feed only.

"Our own brand products do not contain GM ingredients.

"The policy applies to all ingredients processed or otherwise."


"Metcash [IGA wholesaler] has a longstanding position on GM/GE for our corporate branded products.

"No GM ingredients, food additives, processing aids or enzymes are permitted to be used in our corporate branded products.

"However, because of changes in the agricultural sector, it is becoming more difficult to unequivocally guarantee that no genetically modified stockfeed is fed to meat-, poultry-, dairy- and egg-producing animals.

"GM crops grown cannot be prevented from cross contaminating non-GM crops. A limited meat/poultry supply base in Australia means that this is a shared issue in the food and grocery industry."


"At ALDI Australia, we do not permit any products to contain food, ingredients or processing aids which require labelling as genetically modified, as defined by the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code.

"All ALDI suppliers are required to provide proof on request that genetically modified materials are not used in their products."

Aussie Farmers Direct

Aussie Farmers Direct chose not to provide a comment on its stance on the sale of GM foods.

Source: ABC News

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