Man severely injured in motorcycle crash pleads for driver safety over Christmas break

A north Queensland father-of-three who was almost killed in a motorcycle crash four years ago hopes other motorists will take notice of his story and drive safely this summer.

Andrew Harris suffered a snapped wind pipe and leg, broken eye sockets from brain swelling and lost his jaw and 13 teeth in Townsville.

It was left to his partner to tell him what had happened when he woke three weeks later.

Queensland Road Toll by Year

  • 2015 (to date) - 229
  • 2014 - 223
  • 2013 - 271
  • 2012 - 280
  • 2011 - 269
  • 2010 - 249
  • 2009 - 331
  • 2008 - 328
  • 2007 - 360
  • 2006 - 335
  • 2005 - 330

"The next memory was when I was in a coma. I was just looking around in the darkness," he said.

CCTV footage obtained by the ABC showed a P-plate driver swiping the bike in September 2011.

"In that very split second your life changes completely, like forever. It affects relationships with friends, family."

Mr Harris was in and out of surgery for years while the courts dealt with the driver.

"But I think the hardest thing, the hardest thing, would've been for the children," he said.

"Everything would've been fine for them one night and then the next day everything is in complete chaos.

"I think normal is something you never find again. You can only find a different version of it. You can never go back to the way you were."

Men make up majority of victims in Queensland road fatalities

His plea to other motorists comes as police release statistics around deaths on Queensland's roads.

So far this year 229 people have been killed on Queensland's roads, already up from 2014's final total of 223.

Statistics also showed 75 per cent of this year's fatalities to date were men.

"It's been proven that men's brains don't fully develop until they're in their mid 20s, which leads them to take more risks," Senior Constable Rob Eggins explained.

The most dangerous time on the road was between 6pm and 7pm, with 19 people killed so far this year during this hour.

The deadliest regions were southern and central, recording 64 and 61 deaths respectively.

The safest was South Eastern with 28 fatalities, followed by Brisbane, which had 29.

Source: ABC News

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