88 new police graduate and begin their service to Queensland

Police Minister Jo-Ann Miller will today welcome 88 new First Year Constables to the Queensland Police Service following their graduation from the QPS Academy in Oxley today.

Minister Miller said the new constables had completed 25 weeks of intensive training and were now ready to be posted to stations across the state.

The First Year Constables breathe new life into the Service with their unique experiences and enthusiasm, Minister Miller said.

We expect a great deal of our recruits. They will perform a vital role in maintaining the law, upholding order and keeping us safe. Like me, I am sure the communities in which they will serve are grateful they have accepted this responsibility.

They have each sworn that they will maintain integrity, professionalism and accountability and Queenslanders can have every confidence that they will maintain the high standards that have been set.

Twenty-five officers are being posted to the Brisbane Region, 25 to the Central, one to the Northern, 18 to the South Eastern and 19 to the Southern Region.

Deputy Police Commissioner Ross Barnett congratulated the graduates on becoming First Year Constables.

I remember my induction ceremony well and I hope that this afternoons ceremony is a memory that each First Year Constable carries with them throughout a long and successful career within the Queensland Police Service, Deputy Commissioner Barnett said.

The role of a police officer is like no other ? responsible for the safety and security of Queensland. There is no doubt that each of these new officers will experience some challenging situations, however there will also be many rewarding and humbling times.

I wish luck to every officer in their career and feel confident that they will uphold the QPS standards of excellence and service.

The 25-week intensive training program aims to prepare recruits with the policing skills necessary for operational service as First Year Constables under supervision.