RACQ Redcliffe patrols rescue more than 1000 residents a month from a range of car problems

RACQ roadside assist patrols help thousands of drivers out of sticky situations every month.

From flat batteries, overheated cars, motorists being locked out and running out of fuel – RACQ Redcliffe patrol manager Aaron Lutton said there was little he had not had to deal with.

Statistics from RACQ for Redcliffe Peninsula suburbs, including Deception Bay, found the most common reason Mr Lutton and his crew were called out was because the driver could not get the car to start.

A lot of times this is from flat batteries, Mr Lutton said.

But sometimes it is just that people still have the car in drive and not park so it wont start.

The car cutting out and overheating were the next top reasons for a call-out.

Mr Lutton said these problems could be reduced with regular servicing.

Next on the list was being locked out of the car or locking keys in the car.

Mr Lutton said new cars automatic locking systems were often to blame.

People put their keys in the boot while they are packing their groceries, close the boot and realise they have locked the keys in the boot, he said.

Mr Lutton has also helped rescue several babies from cars, who have locked themselves and the keys in the car.

Keys are not good play toys to give to kids, Mr Lutton said.

During his 15 years as a RACQ patrolman Mr Lutton said he had attended many bizarre jobs.

Strange call-outs include:

A woman rang after pulling off to the side of the road because she had seen a spider in her car and was too scared to keep driving

A member rang for a patrol and said they were on Vera St. After much searching the consultant found they were actually on another street. When asked didnt you say you were on Vera St? The member replied: Yes, this is where Vera lives.

A man directed a patrolman to his car in a busy shopping centre car park and explained that the key wasnt working. When the patrolman approached the car he realised the rego was different to the registration on the membership. The man had been accidentally trying to open someone elses car which was the same make, model and colour.

A member borrowed a friends car, which was unfortunately vandalised before he could return it. The man called RACQ in the hope they would inform the friend about the incident. He didnt want his friend to get angry with him.

Top 7 reasons for call-outs in Redcliffe and surrounds:

1. Car wont start
2. The car cut out after starting
3. Overheating
4. Lockout
5. Bogged
6. Flat tyre
7. Ran out of fuel

Source: The Australian