One in six Australians experience depression or anxiety

BeyondBlue is encouraging all Australians to put their health first and take steps in their lives to improve their mental wellbeing.

Beyondblue chairman Jeff Kennett said one in six Australians experienced depression or anxiety at any given time.

He said most people would know someone with a mental health problem.

“There are things we promote at beyondblue, such as making time to see friends and family, maintaining a good diet and getting regular exercise, and enough sleep, which reduce the risk factors that can lead to depression or anxiety,” he said.

“Untreated mental health conditions not only cost Australian workplaces $11 billion a year, but untreated depression is also a big risk factor for suicide.

“This shows the need to take action both at home and at work.”

Mental Health Awareness Week runs nationally from October 4-10.