Morrison to inject ‘flexibility’ into super

Mothers might soon be able to top up their superannuation when they return to work – without facing a tax penalty.

Treasurer Scott Morrison has told News Corp he’s considering how to inject more flexibility into the super system to recognise the challenges facing women, as well as fulltime carers.

Mr Morrison said the government wanted to not only restore certainty to the system but remove the rigidity.

The treasurer also hinted that funds in retirement would be quarantined from any tax changes such as those suggested by Labor.

Labor’s superannuation spokesman Jim Chalmers wants more than words from the coalition, saying its record on super is ‘appalling’.

He says the government’s abolishing of the low-income super contribution and freezing the super guarantee is a double blow for women and people on modest incomes.

‘The Turnbull government should spare us their crocodile tears about women and people on modest incomes and give them a fair go in the super system,’ Dr Chalmers said in a statement.

Source: Sky News