Moreton District’s Crime rate increases 10 times the state rate for 2014-2015

Moreton District’s overall crime rate has increased more than 10 times the state rate during 2014 and 2015.

The Queensland Police Service Annual Statistical Review recorded that the Moreton District saw an increase of 10.2 per cent in the overall crime rate, while the state saw an increase of less than one per cent.

Moreton District Officer Superintendent Mick Brady said the review provided insight into the level and nature of crimes committed in the Moreton Bay region.

“The overall crime rate of offences against the person increased during 2014/15 with assaults increasing by 1.3 percent, robbery offences increasing by 2.6 percent and other offences against the person including kidnapping and abduction offences decreasing by 7.1 percent,” Supt Brady said.

“Sexual offences increased by 28.8 percent. Reported rapes or attempted rape offences decreased by 12 percent and a there was a 51.1 percent increase in other sexual offences.

“The increase can be attributed in part to more people reporting incidents of sexual offences to police especially historical cases.”

Superintendent Brady said in relation to property offences the rate of break-ins across the district had risen by 1.1 percent. Unlawful entry into houses decreased by 7.2 percent while unlawful entry into shops rose by 8.6 percent.

“A lot of break-ins are opportunistic and are preventable,” he said.

“It is encouraging to see a decrease in these offences and demonstrates the community is actively participating in crime prevention. Police will continue with proactive policing and community programs, such as the Moreton myPolice blog and Neighbourhood Watch groups.”

Member for Morayfield Mark Ryan said that despite an increase in crime he still believed the region was safe.

“I do think our area is a safe place to live and work,” he said.

“While the overall crime rate has gone up – and that does concern me – it means that our police are being incredibly proactive in tackling crime.

“It also means that our community is taking the time to come forward and report offences.

“I strongly encourage local people to continue to report offences and also get involved in their local neighbourhood watch or CrimeStoppers group. By working together, we can make a difference.

“But we must not lose sight of the fact that there have been actual reductions in a number of serious offences like rape and home break-ins.

“As the State Member for Morayfield, I’ve always made it one of my top priorities to work closely with our local police and the community on crime prevention and I will continue to do that into the future.”

Reported crimes 2014/2015

3 homicides
7 attempted murders
871 assaults
417 sexual offences
75 robberies
1566 unlawful entries
5748 drug offences
1090 breaches of DVO’s
1227 drink driving
2668 frauds
29 kidnappings/abductions

Source: Caboolture News