GST funds could help support Qld councils, says expert

A local government planning expert has called for a portion of GST to go straight to councils.

Currently GST is distributed between states but Griffith University planning professor Darryl Low Choy said the tax would give councils a reliable income stream without having to rely as heavily on state and federal government handouts.

“It would be good if a portion of GST went directly to local governments,” he said.

“Local government is a creation of state government as it stands. They exist at the whim of a state government.”

Professor Low Choy said councils provided vital services to residents – but struggled with funding.

He said an assured long-term income stream would allow councils to better plan over long terms.

Local Government Association of Queensland spokesman Craig Johnstone said councils needed a more secure stream of funding.

“We’re not specifically calling for a portion of GST but what we’re very strongly arguing for is that councils should have a fixed share of Commonwealth revenue,” he said.

Source: Caboolture News