Growth areas alter Moreton Bay Regional Council divisions

Three electoral divisions in the Moreton Bay Regional Council will be altered to cope with population fluctuations for the coming 2016 election.

The Local Government Change Commission has recommended that the MBRC realign electoral boundaries for division four, five, and six, which will alter voting borders in Deception Bay and Narangba. The final determination report, released by the Queensland Electoral Commission, says that on top of adjustments for the 2016 election further changes will be required by 2020 across the whole region.

Division four councillor James Houghton says he is in a comfort zone with his current division. Due to the changes, he will no longer live in his electorate.

“I’ve been living in my present division for over 40 years,” he said.

“No one likes change much but we understand why we have to do this.

“Because of fast expansion Cr Greer is well over quota and I was under. So was Cr Winchester – so they’ve decided to rearrange some of my area to council Cr Winchester.

“I was very disappointed as they said my area will be under quota but I’ll have 2000 homes developed in my current division that will bring my area above the recommended quota.

“I’ll look after any area that I’m given.”

Division seven councillor David Dwyer said he has been adamant about getting electoral divisions changed for years.

He said that the whole region needs to be reshuffled now, not just a few divisions

“They change it every election – it is bad forward planning,” Cr Dwyer said.

“My division won’t change but in the next 20 years we will have a projected population growth (across the region) of 175,000 people.

“If you look right across the divisionary areas you will see there are divisions that have very little growth. Areas like Woodford and West Caboolture will grow massively.

“They’re not doing their job properly in my opinion.”

Source: Caboolture News