Grandparents Day: Celebrating a special connection

Queensland children will recognise and celebrate the special connections they have with their grandparents this Sunday, with a range of activities planned across the state to celebrate Grandparents Day.

Seniors Minister Coralee ORourke said around 135,000 Queensland children, aged 12 years or younger, received regular child care from a grandparent.

Older people enrich our communities with their wide range of experience and achievements, and play a significant role in the family structure, Mrs ORourke said.

Grandparents Day is an opportunity for Queenslanders of all ages to recognise the irreplaceable role grandparents play in their families, and the wider community.

It is also an occasion to acknowledge the efforts and devotion of grandparents who are full-time carers for their grandchildren.

Minister ORourke said this year schools and community groups across the state would be holding events to celebrate the special connection between grandparents and their grandchildren.

Some grandparents live far away from their grandchildren, so this year we have introduced the hashtag #GPDay15, to help families connect through social media.

A range of downloadable e-cards, bookmarks, posters and certificates of recognition for grandparents are also available online.

I encourage all Queenslanders, both young and old, to get out and about on Grandparents Day and take full advantage of the wide range of activities on offer.

Council of Grandparents (QCOGs) President Maree Lubach said grandparents often take on a range of support roles, from occasional babysitting, holiday and after school care, through to full time caring responsibility.

As the old saying goes ? it takes a village to raise a child, and Grandparents Day recognises the unique and special role grandparents play in the family structure, Ms Lubach said.

The role of a grandparent is so important because they are acting as mentors, carers, story tellers and friends, and this is a very special day to pay tribute to that connection.

For more information about Grandparents Day or to download resources visit Grandparents Day Queensland Government .