Brisbane weather: Tornado lifts roof and throws trampoline on 500m trail through Upper Caboolture, north of Brisbane

A STORM chaser has captured amazing footage of a tornado north of Brisbane, as southeast Queensland braces for a third-straight day of severe thunderstorms.

A 500m trail of destruction remains in Upper Caboolture after the tornado touched down on Tuesday.

A house on Caboolture River Rd lost part of its roof as the twister carved its path about 2.30pm, throwing tree debris and a trampoline through the air, according to witnesses.

Megan Cathro said it ripped the patio off a house and picked up a trampoline and dropped it in a paddock about 200m from where it was in a comment on storm chaser Marinka Spences photo on the Weather Snapshot-Mr Twister Facebook page.

Upper Caboolture resident Sharon Romaguera, who reported damage to a shade sail support and a star picket puncturing a fence, said it was more than a willy-willy.

I mean you wouldnt think that would pick up a great big trampoline like that, she said.

All the branches of the trees were going around and around.

Marinka Spence watched on in awe from Bellmere when she captured footage of the tornado.

The longer I sat there, the rounder and lower to the ground it got, she said.

I could clearly see it rotating with the naked eye, so could my daughter.

The Bureau of Meteorology has analysed footage and say the incident was more likely the result of a gustnado.

Bureau of Meteorology forecaster David Grant said his first impression was the footage showed a gustnado, produced from the downdraft of the storm front.

He said a tornado would more likely produce very localised damage.

(Gustnadoes) are not an uncommon thing to be seen in southeast Queensland during the thunderstorm season, he said.

Homes and businesses in nearby Narangba suffered damage from a tornado on November 27. 2005.

More storms are predicted to strike southeast Queensland this afternoon.

Source: Quest News