Fire Season

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Current Fires Warnings

So you can stay up to date your self here is the live map of the current bush fires anywhere in Queensland visit the Rural Fire Service live Map click here
Links to other Australian Fire Service fire incident maps:

The Rural Fire Service Queensland advises you to:

  • Action your Bushfire Survival Plan now.
  • Monitor the fire and weather situation through your local radio station, and
  • Call 000 (Triple Zero) in an emergency.

For information on preparing for bushfires go to


Current Fires in our listening area

Updated from 6 am to 1 pm Daily

Information: 563 Cooroy Belli Creek Rd, Black Mountain

There is a vegetation fire at this location. Smoke may affect residents and motorists in the area.

Residents should close their doors and windows and keep medication close by if suffering from a respiratory condition.

Motorists should use caution and drive to conditions.

If you believe your property is under threat, you should call Triple Zero (000) immediately.

Fire Season 2020-2021 – Queensland spring bushfire outlook of concern

Queensland largely missed out on the widespread rainfall in southern Australia this winter.

That rainfall, however, could cause other issues as we get closer to summer if crops and grasses grow and then dry off — a further bushfire outlook will be issued as summer approaches.

There is a definite contrast this year, according to Richard Thornton, chief executive of the Bushfire and Natural Hazards Cooperative Research Centre.

Fire is normal

The latest outlook is not ruling out fires in southern Australia this spring.

“What we mean by normal in this context is that we don’t anticipate large fires to occur, but we do need to remember that Australia is a land that routinely has fire,” Dr Thornton said.

“Anywhere where those forested areas or grassland areas fires can start, and under the right heat or windy conditions, they can spread rapidly.”

He said the beginning of spring was a good time to be preparing properties and people for the oncoming fire season.

What can you do to prepare?

Dr Thornton said it was important to have a plan and understand what you would do and when you would act.

“Making sure that you’re prepared around the property as much as you can, be really clear about what you are going to do with your family, have multiple backups, be clear on what the signal is for you to enact that plan,” he said.

“Remember that fires can start close to where you live, so you may be the first person that knows about a fire — don’t always expect a warning.”

Pets, animals, children, elderly neighbours — now is the time to think about it and talk it though.

Queensland does get fires

Queensland is just starting its fire season and there have already been fires in the Gold Coast hinterland and near Toowoomba over the weekend.

“So now is the time when certainly people in Queensland should be really seriously thinking about their bushfire plans, thinking about what they’re going to do and understand where they’re going to get their information from,” Dr Thornton said.

“[That means] looking towards the Queensland Fire and Emergency Service for advice on what they should do and how they should behave.”