Chris Nitsopoulos Oz Cyclone Chasers on this summer wet season on 101.5 2020-10-01

Chris Nitsopoulos Oz Cyclone Chasers on this summer wet season, he explains that we have a La NiƱa weather phenomenon, while similar to 2011, it will not be as strong and so its effects should not be as bad as 2011.

The Weather is difficult to predict however tools available to both the Bureau and organisations such as Oz Cyclone chasers are improving all the time.

We should however expect to see more cyclones and wetter months during this years wet season which lasts until April.

Chris Nitsopouloshas been passionate and keenly interested in weather since a youngster and as he grew into the adult years that passion has translated in to a full time career who simply goes by the mantra that education is the single most important part of being aware of what is on the horizon.

Chris advises that listeners should keep them selves aware of the weather conditions at our short term Weather Trends Page via the 101.5 FM website and on air as well as links provided for Queensland on the Bureau Of Meteorology websites and Queensland Disaster Management portals.

Finally should you find what Chris has talked about interests you, you may consider subscribing to Oz Cyclone Chasers by visiting their website at Oz Cyclone Chasers

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