Capt. Leanne Dixon 123 Army Cadet Unit at ANZAC Day 2019-04-25

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We caught up with Capt. Leanne Dixon the officer commanding the 123 Army Cadet Unit at ANZAC Day made of cadets aged between 13-18 year olds

This group marched at ANZAC Day wearing the uniform very proudly as part of a long tradition in the Australia ancilliary military training you people representing the past, present and future.

The group trains on a Monday night at 6 pm at the Army Reserve Multi User Depot, and training drills go for 3 hours, its this repetition that delivers the precision in marching as well as discipline that  in many cases leads to many of these cadets going on to join the Australian Army.

Those interested could go to or jump on line via facebook and do a search for 123 Army Cadets Unit or they observe the training at 13 Concorde Place Caboolture Monday nights at 6.