Preparing pets and wildlife for wild weather

The sandbags have been filled, the windows have been taped, and loose items have been secured as Cyclone Debbie approaches north Queensland.

But what's the plan for all the animals out there?

Whether they are domesticated or not, animals are not immure to what is to come.

Here's what's happening with animals — at home, in the zoo, and in the wild.

Tips to ensure your pets are safe

Create a safe and secure space for all of your animals

Don't tether pets if outside — they may do themselves more harm trying to break free

Provide access to water and food in heavy bowls if outdoors

Keep your cats indoors

Take time to prepare a Disaster Pet Preparedness Plan for you and your pet if you need to evacuate

Ensure objects in your yard are tied down.

"We're incredibly grateful to everyone who has come forward," RSPCA Queensland spokesman Michael Beatty said.

"We were advised that it was unlikely we could access our Mackay Centre so all the animals there had to leave.

"We have approximately 160 dogs remaining in the Townsville Centre and they've made as secure and safe as possible.

"All the cats and dogs housed in the older wooden buildings have been evacuated.

"The willingness of the public to help has been quite overwhelming. Our shelter staff and volunteers want to say a huge 'thank you'."

"I think this time we're much better prepared ... when the first warning came out we just started contacting people."


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