Finalise your bushfire preparations now for the Moreton Bay Region

With bushfire season just around the corner, Moreton Bay Region residents are encouraged to finalise bushfire preparations now.

Rural Fire Service (RFS) Brisbane Regional Manager Wayne Waltisbuhl said that with changing weather conditions, vegetation could dry out and pose potential bushfire hazards.

“The moisture in vegetation will be decreasing in the next few weeks across Brisbane so now is the time to prepare your home to reduce the risk of a bushfire breaking out on your land,” Mr Waltisbuhl said.

“Help reduce the risk by clearing vegetation from near your house, mowing your lawn regularly and removing leaf and other plant material from your gutters.

“Landowners should also be creating or maintaining fire breaks around their property and conducting permitted burns while weather conditions are favourable.

“A permit to burn must be obtained if you plan to light a fire on your property which is larger than two metres in any direction. They are free and can be obtained from your local fire warden.”

Mr Waltisbuhl also said that Moreton Bay Region residents should be preparing their family for the upcoming season by ensuring they are familiar with bushfire community warnings.

“Even homes located some distance from vegetation and non-rural areas can be impacted by bushfires,” he said.

 “You don’t want to risk your loved one’s safety so I encourage all Moreton Bay Region residents to sit with family members and ensure they understand the different levels of bushfire community warnings.

“We issue bushfire community warnings through the media and social media channels during an incident and will inform residents of the steps they must take to survive the bushfire.

“The type of warning issued by Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) is in line with the severity of the fire and potential to impact your property.

“There are three levels of warning: ADVICE, WATCH and ACT and EMERGENCY WARNING and understanding the difference between each level is essential.”

To find out further information about bushfire preparation and detail regarding bushfire community warning messages, please visit the rural fire website

Visit to find your nearest fire warden.

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