Federal Election 2016: Labor pledges $98 million for Moreton Bay Region University Precinct at Petrie

The Moreton Bay Region University Precinct has received its first pledge of federal funding.

Labor has this morning announced it will pump $98 million in to the project - if elected next month.

It would establish a Commonwealth Institute of Higher Education at the Petrie campus, including a partnership with TAFE, where the Amcor Paper Mill once operated.

This would be a pilot project for a network of of universities working with TAFE and industry delivering “new technical and higher education opportunities”.

It would support 1600 extra students over the next four years, according to a release from Senator Kim Carr, Shadow Minister for Higher education, Research, Innovation and Industry.

“This is so far ahead of anything on the table,” said Mayor Allan Sutherland, “it’s 98 million times more than we have from the government.

“I’m appealing to the Prime Minister and federal members to make a decision for the future of the younger generations in this region.

“We’ve done everything asked of us, we got the land, the university partner, we’ve done 11 different funding models, spent months answering questions.

“This is not about politics. It’s about the needs of kids in this region.”

The Pine Rives Press has approached the Coalition and LNP MP for Dickson Peter Dutton for comment.

The funding pledge comes just days after Mayor Allan Sutherland vented his frustration at the lack of funding support from the major political parties.

Moreton Bay Regional Council was gunning for $200 million in funding.

Source: Quest News

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