Lock the Gate Allaince launch federal election campaign

The Lock the Gate Alliance has launched its federal election campaign, vowing to gauge the support of parties and candidates for its Water4Life Index.

Lock the Gate president Drew Hutton said the alliance would inform candidates and political parties about the impacts of coal and gas mining, and ask them to commit to protecting nationally significant water resources and ensuring the health of people and communities.

"We'll be judging them against as the clock ticks down to election day," he said.

"Last week we released shocking new analysis which reveals that the New South Wales coal mining industry discharged approximately 27,000kg of heavy metals, including arsenic, and other pollutants into creeks and rivers in just one year.

"And what's more, they did it for free. New South Wales taxpayers missed out on $14 million because coal mining companies don't have to pay to pollute, unlike many other New South Wales industries who do.

"It's yet another scandal in a very long list when it comes to mining and water."

Source: Caboolture News

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