Malcolm Turnbull renews calls for workplace law changes amid threats of early election

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has made a renewed pitch for Federal Parliament to support changes to workplace laws.

Key points:

  • Turnbull says changes needed to implement TURC recommendations
  • Says Senate also needs to support re-establishment of ABCC
  • Coalition threatening an early election if Senate blocks bid

The Coalition is threatening to call an early election if the Senate blocks the second bid to re-establish the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC).

Mr Turnbull said the changes were needed to implement the recommendations from the Trade Union Royal Commission (TURC).

Citing "repeated breaches of the industrial law by the CFMEU", he said the changes would help increase accountability and transparency.

"That bill, together with another twice rejected by the Senate, would implement the substance of the recommendations of the TURC," he said.

"Australia's construction industry employs more than a million people, and it is at the centre of our competitiveness.

"It's essential in ensuring construction is competitive is absolutely vital for our economic growth."

Urging the Senate to pass the ABCC, Mr Turnbull said that those benefiting from the changes would be union members.

"They would be the winners, just as greater transparency, greater accountability in the corporate sector delivers benefits for shareholders, the stakeholders in those institutions," he said.

The Government wanted the Senate to begin debate on a bill to reintroduce the ABCC last month, but Labor and the Greens teamed up with crossbench senators to send the bill to a committee.

Source: ABC News

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