HSC senior forecasters Thomas Hinterdorfer and Jeff Higgins are warning South East QLD to prepare for a weeks worth of severe storms, possibly the worst outbreak we will see this year. From Thursday onwards high resolution computer models are confidently forecasting back to back days of extreme instability over a large area of Southern and South East QLD including North East NSW. This will lead to an increased threat of severe storms with Large to Very Large Hail, Damaging to Destructive Winds along with Supercells which are expected due to turning winds in the atmosphere.

“This is exactly what we thought may happen when we issued our long range outlook in July. The current record strength El Niño is largely to blame” says Higgins.

The rest of Queensland is going to be extremely hot and dry with temps pushing over 40c, this air mass mixes with very humid North East winds along a near stationary surface trough. Aiding all this is a number of upper troughs ( cold air aloft ) sweeping through the area.

“We are advising people to clear gutters and drains, secure loose items around homes and businesses, be mindful of forecasts and warnings while not becoming complacent. Dangerous and frequent lightning needs to be treated with respect by seeking shelter before, during and after a storm impacts. Be prepared and have a plan as fallen trees may block roads and cut power” says Hinterdorfer

This comes just days after severe storms and Supercells lashed parts of South East QLD and North East NSW with destructive winds and tennis ball hail.

*Blue and Purple shaded areas indicate extreme instability for 7 days from Thursday onwards*