Be prepared for weather events its can be good for your business

Evenwith minor damage, a storm, flood or nearby bushfire can have lasting effects on your small business. Here are some quick tips to make sure you have a business to come back to after nature takes its toll.

Stay in touch: Know what is happening – Check our facebook page for updated at check with your local council and know its community disaster plan. Have a list of emergency numbers on your phone.

Make sure your staff know what to do if a big weather event or fire is looming – and make sure you can send them home in time if necessary. Laptops, mobiles and spare batteries or car chargers are handy.

Have a plan: Work with your staff on a business continuity plan and an emergency kit.

Stock up: Do you have enough stock on hand for after the event? You might be cut off for a while. You also might be without power for some time – consider whether you need a generator and fuel to run it.

Higher ground: Do you need to get your equipment and/or stock up off the floor?

Data: Make sure important business data is backed up.

Insurance: It might be time to check just how well your business is covered for storm events. Your insurer might also have specific preparations you need to make. Give them a call.

Get out: Ensure your staff know what to do if an evacuation is ordered. Have a chain of command and let everyone know where to go and have a way of accounting for everyone (including customers)

Cleaning up: Don’t return to your premises after a natural disaster until emergency services say it is safe. Don’t touch the power until a sparky has checked it out.

Contact your insurer.

If there’s a big cleaning job to be done, consider asking Volunteering Queensland to ask for help – Queenslanders stick together when these things happen.

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