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NOTE : Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, most of gigs and events may have been cancelled or postponed.

These changes can be made very quickly so, we strongly suggest that you contact the venue prior to the show or event, you are attending.

With many large-scale events being cancelled across the country, including gigs and music festivals, we understand the concerns around public health at live events.

We here at 101.5 FM are following safety advice and health precautions and advise our listeners to do the same.

We believe it is imperative that if you have any health concerns you should stay home and be advised by your GP.


Upcoming Shows... Tickets On Sale Now !!! Through these outlets Ticketek or TicketMaster
Upcoming Shows...
Niall Horan - BEC - Wed 30 Sep 2020
Rod Stewart – A day on the green, Sirromet Wines – Sat Nov 07 2020
Hella Mega Tour 2020 (Green Day, Fall Out Boy and Weezer) - Suncorp Stadium - Tue 17 Nov 2020
James Blunt – A day on the green, Sirromet Wines – Sun 22 Nov 2020
Simple Minds – A day on the green, Sirromet Wines - Sun Dec 06 2020

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