Would you like to know how market research can help you better understand your business, customers, industry trends, and your competitors in the market?

• Learn the six steps to the market research process

• Find out the difference between primary and secondary research

• Discover the different types of market research you can use in your business and

• Get some hints and tips on how to conduct market research yourself

About our speaker:

Judith is a wife, mother, grandmother, academic and advocate for social justice and marine environmental issues. Judith has had an extensive career in emergency services, working for 17 years in the areas of policy, community education and research with the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service. Research has always been her passion from market research through to academic research, working on projects like the Queensland University of Technology’s Australian Research Council Linkage project “Social Media in Times of Crisis” and her Master of Arts Research degree that investigated social media in the emergency management field.

In 2017, Judith commenced her PhD with the School of Justice, Faculty of Law at Queensland University of Technology. Her research investigates how Facebook communication can be used to motivate people to adopt ethical living practices that support the abolition of modern slavery. Two years ago, Judith, and her husband Steven, founded an organisation – An Ethical Life – to educate the community about these issues and to encourage them to make ethical consumption choices that do not support slavery. Her PhD research will be beneficial, not only to their own business, but will also help anti-slavery organisations to better communicate and target their campaigns to their Facebook followers.

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