Prepare for fire season with QFES Regional Manager, Konrad Sawczynski on 101.5 2020-07-28

In the lead up to bushfire season which commences in Queensland on 1 August, Rosemary Worthington and Konrad Sawczynski Brisbane Regional Manager Konrad to discuss how to finalise preparations for bushfire season and how to keep up to date during the season.

More than 7.7 million hectares of land was burnt during the 2019 bushfire season. It destroyed 49 houses, 68 sheds and five commercial buildings.

An adequately prepared property can help reduce the severity of bushfire.

Everyone in rural and urban areas should take simple steps to prepare including by removing leaves and leaf litter, clearing gutters, trimming overhanging branches and keeping lawns short.

If people need assistance or ideas on how to prepare property, they can reach out to their local Rural Fire Service brigade or fire warden.

Everyone should ask themselves, ‘what will you be doing to prepare for a bushfire’.

Maintaining a Bushfire Survival Plan is a great way to be prepared and can be completed by visiting the Rural Fire Service website.

A well-thought-out plan could make all the difference once bushfire season is underway.

Your plan should include what action you will take if there is a bushfire in your area.

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