Melinda is very excited to be sharing her experience, strength and hope to help other women 'Speak Up' and find their voice. Her role as a Business Consultant, Women's Trekking Guide and Mentor has
helped her find her own voice whilst helping other's find theirs.

What will you take home?

1. How many hats do you wear? Understanding the Different 'Hats' we wear (as Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mother, Friend, Business Woman, Warrior, Adventurer etc.) and identifying and accessing those parts of you to respond appropriately in each situational life setting. (Extract from Russell Solutions Managing Personal Growth Course)

  1. Are you the 'Hero' or 'Victim' of your life? (Extract from an Emotional
    Wellbeing Course)

    3. How to 'Speak Up' Safely in an Organisational Context. What are your
    Rights and Protections? (New Whistleblower Reforms under the Corporations

ABOUT Melinda

Melinda believes in living your personal life and work life in line with your values and with a continued growth mindset. Being highly successful at a Fortune 500 company for 15 years in various roles, industries and locations, Melinda progressed from a Marketing Assistant to an International Business Manager. She moved on to start a family and her consulting business, Russell Solutions.

Today Melinda is a Director of Russell Solutions, Women’s Trek Leader and Mentor. All roles require Melinda’s talents to help people climb mountains in the boardroom, in remote locations around the world and in their personal lives. Her passion for health and wellbeing in her personal life, helped make the natural progression into Wellbeing at Work, Speaking Up and Managing Personal Growth.


Melinda helps businesses engage their employees by first understanding the current workplace culture, employee demographics, business risks and growth drivers. Having worked in various Human Resource and Business Development roles, Melinda has a unique understanding of both the business and people requirements. Keeping a healthy balance between empowering employees and business results.

Some of the corporations Melinda has helped include - DuPont, Optus, Micropower, Australia Post and many other businesses in Australia and New Zealand.


Melinda takes a strategic and collaborative approach with all business projects and trekking adventures. Her clear communication style and understanding of how to get the best out of people and the required results, has helped her build a long-term consulting business, women’s mentoring program and network.

She has a fresh approach and style and believes when working with businesses the goal is to create “a great place to work” where people want to come to work and do their best.

Join the fun, comraderie and shenenigans at our VIRTUAL breakfast meeting. We would love to have you with us.

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