Powerline down safety campaign designed to save lives

Last summer in NSW a person lost their life after touching a live powerline hidden among fallen tree branches brought down by a severe storm.

Energex’s latest community safety campaign is aimed at preventing similar tragedies by reminding Queenslanders that fallen powerlines can be hidden, can still be live, and can kill instantly.

Energex’s Safety Advisor Kevin Hore said the risk of fallen powerlines increased dramatically during storm season and the ads were a reminder for everyone to take care and stay line aware.

“No power network in the world is resistant to the kinds of severe storms we get in Queensland and their sheer ferocity can always damage community infrastructure including the electricity network.

“With this damage often comes fallen powerlines and they’re not always in plain sight on the ground and nor can you be sure they are not still live.

“This is why our new campaign is urging people to protect themselves and others by staying well away from fallen powerlines and reporting them immediately to 000 or 13 19 62.

“We’re also asking people cleaning up after a storm to be mindful that fallen trees and other debris could be concealing live powerlines, so they should take care and stay line aware,” he said.

Mr Hore said there was a common misconception that live powerlines buzz or crackle and all powerlines that have fallen are de-energised.

“Electricity is known as the silent killer.  The fact is you can’t hear a live powerline and any contact with one can lead to instant death – it is that simple.

“Whether they are in the air or on the ground, powerlines should always be treated as live and dangerous,” he said.

For more information you can visit energex.com.au/safety

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