The Queensland fundraiser that that enables hearing impaired youngster to hear, listen and speak, Loud Shirt Day is turning it up Friday 18th October.

Morayfield local, Nikki Shadwell is mum to five-year-old Amelia who was diagnosed with bilateral hearing loss at six-months-old.

They joined the Hear and Say family when Amelia reached nine-months-old to receive support and specialist spoken language and listening therapy so that Amelia could learn to hear, listen and speak.

Amelia’s favourite colour is pink, so of course, she has bright pink hearing aids in both ears that she will be wearing with extra pride along with a LOUD shirt next Friday, when Nikki hosts a cupcake drive at Amelia’s Kindergarten for Loud Shirt Day.

We chat with Nikki to discuss Amelia’s hearing journey and how Hear and Say has shaped her future

You can get involved by visiting the Loud Shirt Day Website at it's all happening Friday October 18.

Hear and Say has a website as well at supports youngsters across Queensland through their centres and via telepractice, ensuring every child with hearing impairment has access to the best of speaking and listening therapy, lessons and facilities.

To enable these services Hear and Say need to raise $10,000 per year, per child, to ensure they learn to hear, listen and speak.

You can donate directly at this link

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