Jeff Regan CJF Working Dogs 2019-07-05

We chat to Jeff Regan on his participation with CJR Working Dogs and yes he gets to travel.

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CJF WORKING DOGS – A man and his working Border Collies doing what they love.

Located in the Gold Coast Hinterland, Craig Freestone and his team of dogs participate competitively in Sheepdog Trials across the state and hold the honour of 2016 Queensland Champion.  Craig also trains working dogs and has provided dogs for Australian Outback Spectacular, Paradise Country and Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.  CJF Working Dogs regularly perform Sheepdog Displays and Demonstrations at rural shows, QLD events and annually for the EKKA.

Craig’s unique affinity with dogs along with his background in dog training seamlessly demonstrates what working dogs are bred to do.  Craig also heads the family business Barkroyal Boutique Pet Resort on the Gold Coast. Sheep shearer Jeff Regan will also be presenting at the Expo. The pair will be bringing the farm to the city!

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