The Food & Agribusiness Network Event at Luvaberry Wamuran: up close with Emma Greenhatch of FAN

We spoke with Emma Greenhatch who is an integral part of the The Food & Agribusiness Network.

The network has been going on for 3 and a half years emma said with pride and insists it has always been about the Greater Sunshine Coast and Moreton Bay Region from day one.

The network now boasts 280 members that have jumped on board with plenty of room for more to join up and be exited with the networking potential this group now boasts.

Emma explains it has growers, suppliers, farmers and manufacturers as well as affiliated members.

There are a lot of challenges and great human interest stories out there to be shared by many who have yet to join fan and joining may be as simple as going to a FAN organised event and meeting up over a cup of coffee or talking with other like minded people straight away.

It is all about inclusiveness within the community reaching out to many people out there who may be somewhat isolated, becoming a member can make it possible to reduce that isolation with progress at a rate which is confortable for prospective members.

It is now one of the fastest growing organisations in Australia.

FAN covers the Moreton Bay Region, Sunshine Coast and hinterland and up through Gympie, which is growing exponentially with every event they hold from both well established businesses to hobby farmers and enthusiasts.

Their website is, and you can follow them on facebook at

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