The Food & Agribusiness Network Event at Luvaberry Wamuran: up close with David Carmichael from Strawberry Fields YUM

We spoke with David Carmichael from Strawberry Fields YUM.

David Carmichael got in to strawberry farming as a result of graduating in the family business and carrying it on with his parents as an on going concern.

His contribution is now entering his third year and he is loving the challenges.

David says he tackles everything from on the field, maintaining machinery and managing sheds which is a day long excursion from many parts of the farm.

The farm currently produces from 500,000 plans in the order of 700 tonnes of strawberries each season, david explains his farm is considered small to mediam sized farm.

David a huge believer in FAN suggesting it gives him access to other members in like industries and sharing of how to tackle the challenges common amongst strawberry growers.

FAN covers the Moreton Bay Region, Sunshine Coast and hinterland and up through Gympie, which is growing exponentially with every event they hold from both well established businesses to hobby farmers and enthusiasts.

Their website is, and you can follow them on facebook at

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