The Food & Agribusiness Network Event at Luvaberry Wamuran: up close with Megan Crase of Green Mums Perma-Pultry

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The Food & Agribusiness Network Event at Luvaberry Wamuran: up close with Megan Crase of Green Mums Perma-Pultry

We spoke with Megan Crace who created, with an idea from her children, a local business called Little Chickens Wamuran, starting frugally with a couple of laying hens but before long spawned a bigger project.

A friend gave her a book on heritage chickens and it was not long before Megan bought some silver spangled Hamburgs and Speckled Suxxex breeds, that has now expanded and with several breeds added to now totaling over 80 heritage breed birds.

Adding to the sheer number has enabled to engage a learn as you go approach and reap rewards in successfully showing many of these birds in shows and events in the region which enhances visibility to the public and engagement on her social media platforms.

After many years Megan says “I do it for the love of it”

Megan also explained not all breeds do well in the sub tropics or tropics, but adds that combining simple tools like sprinkler systems, air flow and natural tree coverage allows for some temperature control that breeds that prefer a colder climate can equally do well in the warmer climates.

With any excess chickens Megan sells them to interested people who wish to take a similar path, with the monies put back in to what she is creating, along with the sales is on going support in educating others in keeping their chickens healthy and happy.

Part of that support comes with the Green Mums Perma-Poultry Group with the companion website where information on this industry and workshops is available.

The public are invited to catch up with Megan and other like minded people at the Perma-Poultry Workshop and Market, that is held once a month.

Megan is a huge fan of FAN (Food and Agribusiness Network), Mandy from Luvaberry in Wamuran is a good friend of hers, and when that project was launched she joined immediately.

Megan says “yes .. I can see already that there are are possibilities here “, “great connections i can make and people to help me along”.

FAN covers the Moreton Bay Region, Sunshine Coast and hinterland and up through Gympie, which is growing exponentially with every event they hold from both well established businesses to hobby farmers and enthusiasts.

Their website is, and you can follow them on facebook at